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Why Do Random People Add Me on Snapchat? How to Stop it?

As fun as it is, Snapchat can be an equally messy place at times- especially when random people start adding and messaging you. It could be an annoying spammer or a creepy online stalker.

Read this post to find out why random people add you on Snapchat and how you can prevent that.

Why Do Random People Add Me on Snapchat? -3 Possible Reasons

Random people may be adding you on Snapchat in an attempt to scam or spam you. Bots often run these types of accounts to spread their messages to as many people as possible before being shut down by Snapchat. It can invade your privacy or, at worst, trick you into giving your personal information.

To protect yourself, it’s important to be cautious when adding new friends on Snapchat and to carefully review any messages or requests for personal information before responding.

Here is the breakdown of some reasons why random people add you on Snapchat:

1. They are Scammers

Scammer accounts on Snapchat are fake accounts that pose as legitimate users. They use various tactics to try to convince you to reveal sensitive information or send them money.

For example, they may claim to be offering a prize or giveaway, ask for help with a fake emergency, or try to sell you something that doesn’t exist. It’s important to be cautious when interacting with unknown accounts on Snapchat, as scammers can be very convincing.

2. They are Spammers

Spammer Snapchat accounts are created with the intention of sending spam or unwanted content to other users. These accounts often use automated processes to send large numbers of messages or friend requests to other users, with the goal of promoting a product, service, or website.

They may also try to trick you into clicking on links or providing personal information. It’s important to be cautious when interacting with such accounts as they can be very persistent and may use various tactics to try to get your attention or trick you.

If you receive a message or request from an unknown account that seems spammy or suspicious, it’s a good idea to ignore it and block the account to prevent further contact.

3. Mutual Friends

Snapchat’s Quick Add feature can show your Snapchat username to the friends of your Snapchat friends. If you know them or share close friends with them, you can accept their requests.

But still, you should be very cautious when accepting a friend request on Snapchat, even if you are convinced they are not a spammer or a scammer. Or else you may end up becoming a victim of cyberstalking or harassment.

How to Stop Random People Adding You on Snapchat -4 Effective Tips

You can stop people from adding you on Snapchat by turning off the Quick Add feature or hiding your phone number. Alternatively, you can make your Snapchat account private to prevent random people from searching for it publicly on any search engine.

The fact that random strangers are adding you to Snapchat is not something you can control. But you can do a few things to make it difficult for them to find your Snapchat account. Let’s look at how you can keep random people adding you on Snapchat below:

1. Uncheck the Quick Add Option

Snapchat has a Quick Add feature that allows you to find people you might know so that you can add them. But Snapchat makes these suggestions mostly because you share a mutual friend with the other Snapchat user. So, it’s not necessary that you know that person or want to be friends with them.

Just like that, the friends of your friends on Snapchat can spot your account in the Quick Add section and add you. If you want to avoid random users from finding you on the Quick Add list, there is a way.

Here’s how to disable Quick Add on Snapchat:

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your phone.
launch snapchat application
  1. On the screen of your camera, tap the profile icon at the top left corner.
click bitmoji icon
  1. Tap the Settings icon on the top right of your profile page.
navigate to the settings icon
  1. Then tap See Me in Quick Add under the Privacy Control section.
click on see me in quick add
  1. Once you have done this, uncheck the box next to the Show me in the Quick Add option.
uncheck quick add option

This will prevent the Quick Add section from suggesting your Snapchat account in the future.

2. Toggle Off the Phone Number

Snapchat also lets you add people through their phone numbers (given they have a Snapchat account linked with that very number). So, you can also prevent random users from adding you on Snapchat by turning on privacy on your phone number.

Here’s how to prevent people from finding and adding your Snapchat account via your phone number:

  1. Log in to your Snapchat account.
snapchat account
  1. On the top-left corner, tap the profile icon.
tap the profile icon 2
  1. Tap the gear button on the top-right of your screen to access your Snapchat settings.
gear button settings
  1. Tap on Mobile Number under the My Account section.
my account settings
  1. After that, you will see an option that says, Let others find me using my mobile number. Turn it off.
prevent phone number adding

3. Avoid Being Added via Email Address

When someone gets a hold of the email address linked with your Snapchat account, they can find you using Snapchat’s search engine. To prevent this from happening, you simply need to disallow others from finding you through your email address.

Here’s how to stop people from adding you through email search on Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat and navigate to Settings by tapping your avatar > the gear icon.
account information
  1. In Settings, tap Email.
settings cog

3. Uncheck Let others find me using my email address.

turn off email search

This will prevent all unknown people and spam accounts from finding you and sending you a friend request on Snapchat.

4. Prevent Getting Snaps from Unknown People

If someone gets a hold of your Snapchat username, they can easily find your Snapchat profile. While this is beyond your control, you can still prevent random strangers and even mutual friends from sending you snaps.

Here’s how to prevent everyone other than friends from sending you snaps:

  1. Open your Snapchat account.
open snapchat app
  1. On the top left corner of the screen, tap on the profile icon.
profile icon bitmoji
  1. Tap the gear icon on the top right corner and head to Settings.
gear icon settings
  1. Tap on the Privacy Controls section, then select the Contact Me option.
snapchat contact me
  1. Choose Friends from the list.
choose friends list

You can now only receive snaps and messages from your Snapchat Friends list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do random people add me on Snapchat?

Random people may add you on Snapchat if they are scammers or spammers. Such accounts may try to scam money from you or extract some sensitive information. So, it’s important to be careful when you get a random friend request on Snapchat.

On the other hand, it could be a friend of your friend on Snapchat. They may find your account on their Quick Add list- which basically shows you accounts that Snapchat thinks you may know.

How do random people find you on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, users can search for and add you through your username, email address, or phone number. They can even add you by scanning a snap code, which is a unique QR code that lets Snap users find and add an account. Alternatively, people can find you the Quick Add list based on mutual friends or shared interests.

Does Snapchat notify you when someone adds you?

Yes, Snapchat notifies you whenever someone adds you so that you can accept or reject their request. Once you add them back, their name appears on your friend list, and their profile is also visible. The app allows you to chat, share snaps, and play games with friends. It can also reveal their location, star sign, Snapscore, etc.

From where can I block someone on Snapchat?

The process of blocking strangers or anyone on Snapchat only takes a few seconds. To block someone on Snapchat, open the app. Then tap the chat icon > name of the account you want to block > three dots on top right > block. But if they are your friend, open their profile and tap the three dots on the top right > Manage Friendship > Block.

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