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What’s DirecTV 775 Error? And How to Get Rid of it – 5 Simple Ways

DirecTV error code 775 is a signal issue that can be caused by distance, power failure, or other receiver issues. This error is fairly common and can be frustrating when it occurs while you’re trying to watch your favorite shows.

However, it’s a simple error, so you can fix it on your own. But first, you’ll need to figure out the cause and apply the right solution for it. So, in this article, let’s look into the causes and then go for the solutions to quickly fix DirecTV 775 error code.

6 Reasons Why You Are Seeing DirecTV 775 Error

DirecTV 775 error means the satellite dish can’t connect to the receiver. This may happen due to distance, power failure, loose connection, receiver issues, or dish alignment. In these cases, you’ll see a blank screen with the error message DirecTV Error Code 775 displayed on your receiver.

All of these errors can be fixed easily with just a few steps if you get the right solution for it. To help you out, here are the details of each reason that may be causing your DirecTV receiver to get the error code 775.

1. Weak Satellite Connection

The DirecTV 775 error is more likely to occur due to a weak satellite or internet connection or when the signal strength is low. So, if your connection or internet signal is weak, it may be difficult for the satellite dish to connect with the receiver, resulting in error code 775.

2. Faulty Receiver and Satellite Dish

If the receiver or satellite dish is faulty, it can cause the DirecTV 775 error to occur. Moreover, failing to replace faulty equipment can result in ongoing issues and disrupt DirecTV services.

3. Damaged Receiver Port

The DirecTV 775 error may occur if the receiver’s outlet or inlet wire jackets are worn, melted, or dusty. These issues can interfere with the signal and cause the error code 775 to appear.

4. Power Outlet Connectivity

A faulty power outlet can also cause the DirecTV 775 error and disrupt your home entertainment setup. So, if the power outlet of your DirecTV receiver is not functioning properly, it can interfere with the power supply to your receiver and cause an error.

5. Frayed or Severed Cable Box

Repeatedly turning the cable box on and off can cause it to overheat, leading to the DirecTV 775 error. So, if your cable box does become overheated, you may see the DirecTV error message on your television screen.

6. Hurricanes and Harsh Weather

The DirecTV 775 error may occur if there is a downpour or a solar storm. As a result, the receiver loses connection to the satellite. So, you may encounter a green light blinking on the DirecTV receiver.

How to Fix DirecTV 775 Error Code in 5 Easy Ways

To fix the DirecTV 775 error, you should check for loose connections, power issues, and satellite dish signals. You can also check for software updates or reset the DirecTV receiver. But if these steps don’t resolve the error, you should contact the DirecTV service provider for further assistance.

There are several ways to fix DirecTV error code 775. I’ve covered all of them along with simple step-by-step solutions to help you troubleshoot this error:

1. Check for Loose Connection on Your DirecTV Receiver

check loose connections
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If you have not correctly seated connections, you will be able to see this error on your DirecTV screen. So, you should first check all your connections to make sure everything is properly connected or not. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Check your DirecTV receiver to see if the cables at the back are plugged in properly.
  2. Connect your Satellite Dish or SAT In to check if any connection is loose.
  3. Next, make sure all connections are secure and the cables are correctly installed on your DirecTV receiver.
  4. Now, turn on your DirecTV screen and see if the error goes away.

2. Verify the Swim Power Inserter to Fix Error Code 775

verify the swim power inserter to fix error code 775
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Some DirecTV subscribers have a Swim Power Inserter along with their DirecTV satellite dishes and receiver. So, you may get the error 755 if you are using Swim Power Inserter and it isn’t plugged in properly. So, to fix this error, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Disconnect the Power Outlet from the Swim Power Inserter.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds to cool it down.
  3. Now, re-plug the Swim Power Inserter into its Power Outlet.
  4. Turn your TV on to check whether the DirecTV error code 775 is still there or gone.

3. Check the DirecTV Receiver Power Supply

check your directv receiver power supply
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Sometimes, the DirecTV receiver may fail due to poor power supply connectivity. This can also lead your DirecTV receivers to malfunction. To check your receiver’s power supply, simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn ON your TV.
  2. Press the Power Button located on the receiver’s front panel. If it turns ON, your receiver’s power supply is fine. But if it isn’t, then continue to the next step.
  3. Next, disconnect the electrical cord from the outlet of your DirecTV receiver.
  4. Then, reconnect the electrical cord at both ends. One with the Power Supply and the other with the DirecTV receiver.
  5. Finally, press the Power Supply button to check if your receiver turns ON.

4. Wait Until the Weather Clears Up

Error code 775 on DirecTV may occur due to severe weather disruptions, such as heavy rain or hurricanes, or other types of climate events. If the DirecTV error code 775 appears due to a change in the weather, it is recommended to wait until the issue resolves itself.

In the meantime, you should check the DirecTV official website or social media accounts for updates on any known outages or service disruptions in your area.

5. Get Technical Support from DirecTV Service Provider

Sometimes, you may end up having your DirecTV receiver’s frayed or fraying cables, severed or fractured cables. Or there can be faulty hardware or a software glitch. In such cases, the DirecTV service provider can help you to troubleshoot this type of problem.

Moreover, if none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, the issue might be something related to DirecTV services. So, it’s better to contact the DirecTV service provider to resolve the issue quickly and get back to watching your favorite shows.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent DirecTV 775 Error Code

To prevent the DirecTV 775 Error Code, you should keep the equipment and cables in a well-ventilated and dry location. You should also ensure that all cables are properly connected and there are no loose or damaged connections.

Here are some details to keep your DirecTV receiver free from DirecTV error code 775:

1. Location of Your DirecTV Receiver

Keep the receiver and cables in a well-ventilated, dry location to save them from overheating. This will help you to avoid hardware damage for your DirecTV Receiver.

2. Proper Cable Connections

Ensure that all cables are properly connected and secured to prevent loose or damaged connections. Also, keep the receiver and cables away from water and other potential sources of moisture to prevent damage.

3. Regularly Check the Connections

Regularly check the receiver and cables for visible signs of damage, such as frayed insulation or bent connectors. If any damage is found, consider replacing the affected components.

4. Turn Off the Main Receiver During Storms

If there is any severe weather event, such as heavy rain or hurricanes, you should unplug the receiver and other electronic equipment until the weather has passed. It will help you to prevent any damage to your DirecTV Receiver and other equipment attached to it.

5. Use A Surge Protector

Consider purchasing a surge protector to help protect your receiver and other electronic equipment from power surges or voltage spikes. This will improve the life span of your electronic equipment.

Following these tips can help reduce the likelihood of getting DirecTV error code 775 and maintain a stable and reliable viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my DirecTV unable to connect?

Your DirecTV receiver may not work due to the connectivity problem with your satellite dish, your DirecTV subscription, or your receiver’s power supply. Check your TV input, cable connections, and outages. You might be able to fix the problem by simply restarting your receiver or securely re-plugging the connections.

Is there a quick reset option for DirecTV?

You can reboot the DirecTV box by pressing the reset button on the access card door. Moreover, you can try unplugging it and waiting a few seconds before plugging it back into the DirecTV receiver. You can also use the factory reset option by pressing and holding your receiver’s power button for a few seconds.

Where is the SWM power inserter located?

The SWM power inserter is a device that powers the SWM, which distributes satellite signals to multiple TVs. It is usually located near the satellite dish and the SWM and is connected to a power outlet or power strip. It may need to be unplugged or reset if there are problems with the signal.

How to fix DirecTV 775 error?

To fix DirecTV 775 error, you should:
1. Check for loose connections on your DirecTV receiver and ensure that it’s properly powered on.
2. Check for proper satellite dish signal strength.
3. Check for software updates and perform a reset on the DirecTV receiver.
4. If the error persists, contact the DirecTV service provider for further assistance.

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