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Warframe Orokin Cell Farm- Check Out 5 Best Locations

To create weapons and frames in Warframe, you need to get the Orokin Cells, a rare resource that is difficult to obtain. This is because the difficulty level is high for the places where these cells are located. And even if you get them, you’ll need to farm in certain places to get the best out of it.

Since you can farm Orokin Cells only in limited areas, you should know the best places to plant them. So, use my Warframe Orokin Cell Farm guide to find the 5 best locations now!

Whats Warframe Orokin Cell Farm? And Why Collect them?

Warframe Orokin Cell Farm refers to extracting and collecting the Orokin Cells- ancient energy in the Orokin Era. These cells are used to craft high-end weapons and other valuable items for free. But you have to participate in specific missions that drop Orokin Cells as rewards. Then, you can farm them on different planets.

To find and farm Orokin Cells, it would be best if you join a clan or group with access to special missions or activities. In this way, you can have a higher chance of obtaining Orokin Cells and crafting rare items from them.

You can also purchase Orokin Cells from the in-game market for 10 Platinum. But using essential currencies for these cells is not worth it. This is because Orokin Cell farming can get this precious resource for free.

5 Best Locations to Farm Warframe Orokin Cells

Ceres and Saturn are the best locations to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe. However, it is important to be at an appropriate level to take on the challenges of these areas. Players should be at least level 15 to farm Orokin Cells on Ceres, and at least level 26 to farm them on Saturn.

Some missions in Warframe offer a higher chance of Orokin Cell drops as rewards when you kill enemies. For instance, Dark Sector and Assassination missions are known to provide more materials. So, you should focus on such missions to maximize your chances of gaining Orokin Cells.

Here is the list of best areas for Warframe Orokin Cell farming:

1. Tethys (Saturn) – Assassination

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Image by Khonziel

Tethys is a moon of Saturn and is one of the best locations to collect Orokin Cells through Assassination missions. Your aim is to hunt down and eliminate a specific target. Such missions on this planet have high drop rates for Orokin Cells as rewards.

In this particular quest, you’re supposed to assassinate General Sargas Ruk – the Grineer boss of the Saturn system. Remember that the drop rate for Orokin Cells is not 100%, but you can loot cells from the General most of the time.

Tethys is also a particularly good location for Orokin Cell farming besides the Assassination missions. Due to the high energy concentration on this planet, you’ll find different outlets for Orokin Cells. Plus, you can also get Orokin Cell Arrays, which can yield multiple cells at once.

2. Gabii (Ceres) – Dark Sector: Survival

dark sector mission warframe orokin cell farming
Image by DmgGaming

Gabii is located on the planet Ceres and is also one of the best places for Warframe Orokin Cell farming through Dark Sector Survival missions. This place is also well known for a high number of Survival missions. This means you have a higher chance of farming Orokin Cells as a reward after defeating the enemies in this area.

During the Dark Sector missions on Gabii, you can farm the Orokin Cells even without the Cell Arrays. Another interesting part of this area is that if you aim for Infested mobs, you can attract more enemies. This can increase the chances of gaining Orokin Cells more quickly.

In addition, it can be helpful to use Warframes with abilities that increase resource drop rates, such as Nekros’ Desecrate or Hydroid’s Pilfering. Alternatively, you can bring a Smeeta Kavat with the Charm ability to also boost resource drop rates.

3. Titan (Saturn) – Dark Sector: Survival

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Image by Fated2Perish

Titan is another excellent location for Orokin Cell farming in Warframe. This place is located on Saturn and has a high concentration of Orokin Cells drop rate as rewards from enemies. However, farming Orokin Cells on Titan can be more challenging due to the increased difficulty level of the Saturn missions and the presence of higher-level enemies.

Besides farming Orokin Cells, this zone has a high chance of getting Orokin Cell Arrays. This provides an additional opportunity to obtain these cells and craft more powerful weapons in the Warframe game.

But you should not stay in Titan for too long, as Grineer in the area gains excessive power over time, making it more challenging for you to defeat. So, you must be quick with your runs to farm Orokin Cells in this area.

4. Seimeni (Ceres) – Dark Sector: Defence

resource farming warframe

Seimeni is located on Ceres, and it’s well-known for Warframe Orokin Cell farming through its Dark Sector Defense missions. Your aim in these missions is to defend a specific location from waves of enemies.

Unlike Survival missions, you only need to stay in a particular place while the mobs come to you. These missions also have a higher drop rate for Orokin Cells than other missions on this planet.

5. Orokin Derelict Survival: Derelict

kill enemies to get orokin cell farming
Image by Van1sh

The Orokin Derelict is a special location in Warframe that can only be accessed with unique keys. You can get these keys by completing specific missions or buying them from the in-game store.

To farm Orokin Cells in this location, you need to complete Survival and Assassination missions. These missions involve fighting against multiple mobs at a time and killing a targeted enemy.

Moreover, the enemies of this location also have the potential to drop other valuable resources. This will help you to craft powerful and rare resources for your Warframes in the game.

How to Collect Warframe Orokin Cells Faster?

To collect Warframe Orokin Cells faster, you should do missions and quests with higher Orokin Cell drop rates. Moreover, you should run survival quests in groups to complete them quickly and use Warframes with abilities that boost drop rates.

Some missions in Warframe, like Dark Sector and Assassination, have a higher rate of dropping Orokin Cells as rewards. So, completing these quests can increase your chances of gaining more Orokin Cells quickly.

Plus, if you use Warframe Nekros with its Desecrate ability, this can also increase having more Orokin Cells. This is because this ability maximizes the resource drop rate from the enemies when they are killed.

You can also purchase Orokin Cells from the in-game market. But this totally depends on whether you want to enjoy the challenging missions to get Orokin Cells or simply buy them from the store.

Where to Find Rare Warframe Orokin Cells?

To Find rare Warframe Orokin Cells, you’ll need to go to the two planets: Saturn and Ceres. But you should be at least a level 15 player to farm on Ceres with your Warframes. And on level 26 to perform Orokin Cell farming on Saturn. Otherwise, It’ll be quite difficult for you to farm any cells in these areas.

You can find rare Orokin Cells on both these planets- Saturn and Ceres. However, they offer different farming locations with different challenges.

For example, you should not stay on Titan (Saturn) because more powerful enemies spawn as time passes. While for other places, it can be a good idea to get a lot of enemies in less time and gain more cells.

What is the Best Way to Farm Warframe Orokin Cells?

The best way to farm Warframe Orokin Cells is using Cell Arrays that spawn from time to time on different planets. You can access multiple Cells at once if you break Orokin Cell Arrays. But the most steady farming method is doing the Assassination and Invasion missions. While killing bosses is another sure way to farm Warframe Orokin Cells.

Cell Arrays are one of the best methods to farm Orokin Cells faster, especially if you are a lower-level player. You can find these resources on three planets: Saturn, Gabii, and Telesto.

But if you are a mid-level player, Assassination and Invasion missions can provide you with a steady farming spot. Moreover, you can take a team with you for longer sessions and use boosters to increase Cell drop rates from enemies.

However, if you are already a high-level player, you should head to Saturn, target Helene, and kill bosses like General Sargas Ruk. These quests will keep a decent supply of Orokin Cells for your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What enemies and planets drop Orokin Cells?

Saturn, Ceres, and Deimos are the official drop tables for Orokin Cells. All bosses, like Sargas Ruk and the Stalker, can drop an Orokin Cell after you defeat them. General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Kril have the best chances of dropping an Orokin Cell among all enemies.

Do I need Orokin Cells to craft anything in Warframe?

You need Orokin Cells to craft high-end weapons in Warframe. In fact, Orokin Cells are the only resource needed to craft Prime Weapons and Warframes. These Cells are also required for the Orokin Cell blueprint in the game.

Does Deimos drop Orokin Cells?

Yes, Deimos also drops Orokin cells. In fact, the underground areas in the Cambium Drift at Deimos are one of the best places to mine Orokin cells.

Are there any benefits from Warframe Orokin Cell Farm?

The main benefit of the Warframe Orokin Cell Farm is that you can craft high-end weapons and other valuable items in the game. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything to get them. But you’ll have to invest your time to find the best location to get them – which I’ve provided in the article above.

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