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Let’s Fix That Tech

What is Let’s Fix That Tech?

Let’s Fix That Tech is the leading source of news, research, and discussion for current and upcoming issues concerning science and technology.

Why does Let’s Fix That Tech appear on other websites?

Let’s Fix That Tech LLC is a media publication, and part of our revenue is generated by syndicating Let’s Fix That Tech to other publications. If your publication would be interested in this service, please read the Regarding Copyright section of this FAQ.

Contacting Let’s Fix That Tech

I have an interesting topic I would like to show up on Let’s Fix That Tech. How can I submit it?

We encourage and enjoy the article and link suggestions from our readers! We answer all of our emails! Just send us some information about what you’d like us to talk about to advertising@letsfixthattech.com. Please note that we do not disclose sources unless explicitly asked to.

How do I submit press releases?

While we don’t guarantee that we will post your press release, please add advertising@letsfixthattech.com to your PR list and we will post if it piques our interest. Be sure to include:

  • Your name and the company’s name you represent
  • A URL to the Press Release (we won’t post a story without a link to the corporate website)
  • A brief summary discussing what the press release is about
  • The words “Press Release” somewhere in the subject

I have a question/comment/complaint that isn’t covered in the FAQ. What should I do?
We try to expand our FAQ as often as possible. If you think we’re missing something, please send us an email to contact@letsfixthattech.com. We read all of our comments!

Why was my story not published?

Unfortunately, we can’t publish everything. Sometimes this is due to the fact we have posted a similar article before, or that the article doesn’t fit the content of Let’s Fix That Tech. Although we might not post your suggestion, don’t get discouraged! The great thing about news is there’s always more!

Why haven’t you answered my email?

Although we try to answer everyone’s email, sometimes an email will slip through the cracks or we are just too swamped writing articles! To make sure we do not miss your emails make sure:

  • The headers are correct
  • The domain you are sending from has a proper reverse DNS
  • The SMTP you are sending from is not an open relay
  • You include your full name, subject, return address, and body in the email

I found a mistake in an article!

Although we have fact-checkers and editors for every article on Let’s Fix That Tech, mistakes happen. Please feel free to contact us at contact@letsfixthattech.com and we will correct the mistake as soon as possible.

I found a programming bug!

Please contact us at contact@letsfixthattech.com with a detailed description of the bug, and how to replicate it. Don’t forget to include what OS and browser version you are using.

Who do I contact to speak about advertising?

You can send us an email at advertising@letsfixthattech.com or ojash@letsfixthattech.com.

Can I republish something on Let’s Fix That Tech?

Individual articles may be reproduced for promotional or individual use. All other reproduction of Let’s Fix That Tech content is prohibited without consent of the Editor in Chief. Please feel free to contact the Editor in Chief, Ojash at ojash@letsfixthattech.com if you have a specific inquiry.

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