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It Looks Like You are Using an Unsupported Modified Version of the Game [Fixed]

You may have already faced several errors while playing the Minecraft game, as it has continuous updates and runs on online servers. But do you know which one is the most annoying Minecraft error?

Let me guess– “It looks like you are using an unsupported modified version of the game.” And if you are here, it means you are also having this issue. I can truly feel your frustration.

That being said, after trying different fixes, I have come up with the 3 most effective ways of dealing with this issue. Here you go!

It Looks Like You Are Using an Unsupported Modified Version of the Game – Top 3 Causes and Fixes

Minecraft’s unsupported modified version error is caused by incompatible mods or other game-modified files. Alternatively, it could be because of the outdated Java version installed on your PC. Luckily, it is easy to fix them all.

So, the fixing methods include completely removing the mod files from your system and updating the Java version installed on your PC. However, if the error still doesn’t go away, reinstall the latest Java version from its official site.

Here are the causes and fixes for Minecraft’s unsupported modified version error message on your PC:

1. Remove Unsupported Mods

There is a chance that you might have the Modification Packs installed on your PC that are incompatible. If that’s the case, it’ll crash the Minecraft game with the unsupported modified version error message.

So, you’ll need to remove the unsupported mod packs from your system. You can uninstall them using the Add or Remove option or navigate to the origin file to completely remove it.

To remove mod files from your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R key simultaneously and type %appdata% to find Minecraft app settings in the hidden folder via the Run dialog box. 
minecraft version level game mode
  1. Find the .minecraft folder from the list and double-click the file to open it.
open minecraft folder too many mods minecraft crash report
  1. Look for a folder named mods. If you find it, simply right-click and select delete to completely remove the mods files from your PC.
remove mod loading false level generator options
  1. Once you remove the mod files, launch the Minecraft Installer and check if the launcher is working fine.

Mod creators constantly release updates containing compatibility issues, bugs, and performance fixes. So, if you want to use mods, make sure to download the mods that are compatible with your current gaming system.

2. Prioritise Memory Space

Minecraft’s mods often consume a lot of memory to perform smoothly on your PC. Otherwise, your game might stop and crash. It may sometimes throw errors like “it looks like you are using an unsupported modified version of the game.”

This happens because the game uses the specific default memory space set by your system. In such cases, you’ll have to manually set its priority to high for the Minecraft process to make it run seamlessly on your system.

To set high priority for the Minecraft app’s processes, follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager. Then, navigate to the Details tab and find Minecraft processes.
fix minecraft level spawn location task manager
  1. Left-click the Minecraft process in the list and set its memory consumption priority to High.
fix minecraft task manager
  1. Repeat this Step 2 for each Minecraft process in the list.
  2. Once done, launch the Minecraft game to check if the issue is resolved.

I suggest you dedicate High memory to its mods and end all the unnecessary apps running in the background. This will prevent the Minecraft game from crashing and lagging on your PC.

3. Install or Update Java

Although Minecraft has its own version of Java embedded inside, which is fine if you wish to play the base game without any mods. But some mods require Java installed on your PC.

So, you need to install Java on your PC if you don’t already have it to play the Minecraft game with mods. To install Java on your computer:

  1. Go to Java’s website using a browser.
  2. Head to the Download in the top navigation bar.
  3. Once the page loads, click the Download button to get the latest Java version for your PC.
latest version java version to fix unsupported modified version
  1. Now, go to the Java installer file and double-click it.
  2. Click Yes to the UAC prompt.
  3. After the installation is complete, launch the Minecraft game to see whether the unsupported modified version error is fixed.

But if your PC already has Java installed, you should update the Java version to get the best gaming experience. Here are the steps to update the Java version on your PC:

  1. Type Control Panel in the Start menu search bar and click Open.
windows logo method control panel java version
  1. Once the Control Panel opens, choose Systems and Security.
systems and security oracle corporation memory
  1. Click Programs from the options listed on the left side of the window.
control panel system details
  1. Click on Java, located on the right side of window explorer. Then, a new window will appear.
update java platform to fix game crashed whilst
  1. Head to the Update tab and click the Update Now button at the bottom.
update java files latest version 1
  1. Now, restart your PC to implement the changes in the Java program.
restart system to fix false forced entities jvm flags

However, you should try uninstalling the Java platform from your PC if the error is still there. Then, reinstall it from the Java official website, as discussed above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Mod version of a game mean?

Mod stands for Modification. It allows a gamer to play a game differently from its original or base-released version. Mod versions of a game could enhance the specific feature so that a gamer could enjoy the unique experience of the original game.

Modding rules vary from one region to another. In the United Kingdom and the United States, it is not strictly illegal as long as it doesn’t break the terms of the law of a game’s copyright. However, it is considered illegal in other regions.

Can Minecraft mods have infected files or a virus?

Most mods are safe to download and install. However, where you get them from is the main question. If you are getting your packs from a legit resource, it is completely safe. But if you get your mods from unknown and not legit sites, they may contain malware that could kill your computer.

How to fix the It Looks Like You are Using an Unsupported Modified Version of the Game error?

To fix Minecraft’s Unsupported Modified Version error, you should:

1. Remove any mod files from the mods folder and restart the game.
2. Update or reinstall the latest version of Java.
3. If the error persists, contact game support for further assistance.

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