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Is SteamUnlocked Legit or Not? Let’s Find Out Here

With SteamUnlocked, you can get access to free Steam games. That means you no longer have to purchase games before downloading them to your PC. But is SteamUnlocked legit and safe for your PC?

The short answer is YES. The games from SteamUnlocked are safe for your PC. Read this article to learn more about the SteamUnlocked site and how to use it to get free Steam games for your PC.

What is SteamUnlocked?

SteamUnlocked is an online platform where you can download zip files of games and play them for free. This feature of SteamUnlocked sets it apart from all other online game-downloading platforms.

SteamUnlocked is a website where you can download paid games for free. You don’t have to go through the usual installation process, as the games available are already pre-installed. So, you just need to download and extract the game’s ZIP files to play them. 

Currently, only SteamUnlocked makes it possible for players to play Steam games for free. Otherwise, downloading a game takes much longer, just like torrent downloads or other gaming websites.

Is SteamUnlocked Legit and Safe to Use?

SteamUnlocked is generally safe to use, but it often gets redirected to other websites and unwanted pop-ups. So, you should be careful of copycat websites, as they may risk infecting your PC with malware or viruses.

Usually, the websites that provide pirated copies of games carry the risk of malware. But that’s not the case for the Steam Unlocked website, as all the games are verified and checked before release. So, this makes the SteamUnlocked platform safe for you to use and get free Steam games on your PC.

How to Safely Download Games from SteamUnlocked?

To safely download games from SteamUnlocked, you should only use the official SteamUnlock website. Also, try to use a VPN with an Ad-blocker to prevent malicious ads, pop-ups, and redirects to other websites.

The official SteamUnlocked website is safe to use. But if you’re not careful, it might still harm your PC with unwanted ads, spam pop-ups, or redirect links to malicious or fake websites.

To safely use the SteamUnlocked platform, make sure you’re using its official website and a VPN with an Ad-blocker to download free Steam games. Another great option is to download its official app on your computer system. This will make sure that you are always on the official website of SteamUnlocked.

How to Download Games from SteamUnlocked

To download games from Steam Unlocked, you need to Launch > Click the game you want to install > Scroll down and click the game file > Click the Download button > Drag the file to Desktop > Extract File > Launch the game from the File Explorer and enjoy free games.

If you’re looking for more detailed instructions for downloading games from SteamUnlocked, check out the steps below: 

  1. Access Steam Unlocked official site on your web browser.
  2. Search for any steam game you want to download in the search bar and click it once it appears on the screen.
search favorite games steamunlocked page
  1. Scroll down to the free download section, where the file size is also mentioned, and select it.
trojan files steamunlocked safe cracked version dll files
  1. A new tab will open. Wait a few seconds for the free download option to appear, and click on it.
completely free safe downloads latest version free download
  1. Once the download is complete, drag the file to your desktop.
drag game files to desktop
  1. From the desktop, right-click on your file and select the Extract All option.
extract game files
  1. Once the files are extracted, open the file in File Explorer.
open game file in file explorer steamunlocked legal
  1. Navigate to the game launcher file.  
open game file vr games steamunlocked safely
  1. Now open the file named after the game (or the game launcher) and enjoy free Steam games on your PC.
makers favorite games

However, if you cannot launch, you can try relaunching it using VPN software. You can use the Zip extractor app if you’re having trouble extracting the files. Now, you should be able to play Steam games on your PC.

Quick 5 Tips to Know if SteamUnlocked is Real or Fake

To know if SteamUnlocked is real or fake, you need to see if it asks you for unnecessary signup, personal information, or testimonials. If it does, then it’s fake. Moreover, the fake site may also redirect you to websites to infect your PC with malware or even spread viruses. 

Here are some of the quick tips that’ll help you to verify if the SteamUnlocked website is real or fake:

1. Sign Up

On the official Steam Unlocked website, you don’t need to Sign In or create an account. You can simply launch the website and download any game you want. If a website asks you to Sign Up or Log In to your account, it’s a clear indicator that you’re using a fake site. 

2. Personal Information

The Steam Unlocked website is free for all and would never ask you to reveal your personal information. So, if a website asks for personal information, you’re using the wrong website.

3. Redirection to Malware Sites

You may be redirected to other websites when you use Steam Unlocked to download games. However, none of those are related to malware or viruses that may harm your PC. So, if you are redirected to a malware website while downloading the game, then that website is probably fake.

4. Profit testimonials

You can never earn financial profit by downloading games from Steam Unlocked. So, if a website claims to provide financial profit for downloading games, it’s definitely a false website.

5. Viruses

The official website of Steam Unlocked is safe and virus free. So, if a virus affects your device after downloading a game from Steam Unlocked, you probably downloaded it from the wrong site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SteamUnlocked not working?

SteamUnlocked may not work due to heavy traffic on the site. You should visit the site later. But if the website launches and shows a message that “This site cannot be reached.” It means that this website is banned in your country. So, you should install VPN software to access this website.

What are the alternatives to SteamUnlocked?

The top 5 competitors for Steam Unlocked include,,,, and

How Can I download games from SteamUnlocked faster?

A high-speed internet connection is the only way to download games faster on Steam Unlocked. So, if you’re using a WiFi connection, you can shift to an ethernet connection, as it is much faster than WiFi.

Is SteamUnlocked safe to use without VPN?

Using a VPN while browsing Steam Unlocked is unnecessary, as all games are verified and checked before release. This makes these games completely safe for your PC. You would only need to use a VPN with Steam Unlocked if you’re unable to launch the website and the “This site cannot be reached” message appears.

Can I get cracked versions of the Steam games on SteamUnlocked?

Yes, you will often find cracked versions of the Steam games on the official website of SteamUnlocked. However, you may need to install patches from other sources if that particular patch is not included in the game’s zip file available on the SteamUnlocked platform.

Is SteamUnlocked legit and free to use?

Yes, SteamUnlocked is a legit site, and you can get free games that are safe to play on your PC or other gaming consoles. However, you will have to use VPN and extractor to access the gaming files downloaded from this site.

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