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How To Play Music On Zoom Meetings to Kill the Wait Time?

Ever been in a Zoom meeting, waiting for the presenter to begin while there is an awkward silence in the room? You could converse with other members, but small talks are not everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, your favorite songs can be a great way to kill the silence as you wait for the work to begin.

So, in this blog post, I will explain how to play music on Zoom while waiting for your meeting to start. We will be going over the different methods of playing music, depending on whether or not you’re sharing your screen. Let’s begin.

How to Play Music on Zoom Call While Sharing Screen

To play music on a Zoom call while sharing your screen, click the Share Screen button > choose the screen/window to share. Then, open a music app or website and start playing the music from it. If you are using the Zoom web client, click the Audio tab > Computer audio to play music through your computer’s speakers.

You can share audio and correlative video with your users over a Zoom meeting. The audio will be high-fidelity and will contain minimal distortion along with reverb. However, I recommend using headphones while broadcasting audio so that your mic does not catch it, causing weird echoes. Here’s how you can broadcast superior-quality audio to your attendees:

  1. Open Zoom and log into the meeting where you wish to broadcast the audio. Even though the steps will be the same for both the host and attendee, you will have to ask for screen-sharing permissions if it’s not global.
your zoom screen on zoom desktop client
  1. Click the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the window. A pop-up window will appear.
sharing window to share music
  1. Select Share sound and turn on Optimize for video clip from the footer of the pop-up window. Also, select Stereo for a high-fidelity audio experience for your peers.
select sharing sound mode
  1. Click Share. Your screen will start broadcasting you screen, alongside any music you play on your desktop. It is to note here that audio levels will be individually controlled, i.e., the volume levels on your attendees’ system will be according to the audio on the player you are using and not your system’s master volume level.
background music playing
  1. You can also toggle the sound-sharing settings. Click More and configure settings as necessary.
background music settings on zoom virtual meetings

How to Play Music on Zoom Call Without Sharing Your Screen

To play music on a Zoom call without sharing your screen, click Share Screen > Advanced > Computer Audio and choose Stereo for superior audio quality. This will transmit any audio playing on your system to the Zoom meeting.

Zoom also lets you share any audio from your desktop to the Zoom meeting. It is a dedicated feature that transmits audio (be it Spotify, an audiobook, a recording, etc.) without having to share your screen. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Zoom and log into a meeting. 
how to play music on zoom
  1. Click the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the window and select Advanced on the top header of the pop-up window that appears.
advanced tab share screen button to play background music
  1. Here, select Computer Audio from the options available. Click the downward arrow to open a drop-down window. Select Stereo for superior audio quality.
advanced tab computer sound settings on zoom for background music
  1. This will transmit any audio playing on your system to the Zoom meeting, and you will see a speaker icon along with the disclaimer “You are sharing computer sound.” To stop sharing the sound, simply click the Stop Share button.
playing music in background of zoom

How to Play Music on Zoom in the Waiting Room

To play music on Zoom in the waiting room, configure your waiting room settings by opening the Zoom web client and navigating through My Account > Settings > Waiting Room. Then click Customize Waiting Room and start customizing your waiting room with the music you want to play.

You can also play music while patiently waiting for your meeting to start. Here’s how you can enjoy some tunes in the waiting room:

  1. Visit the Zoom web client and click My Account on the top right header.
use zoom desktop app for playing background music
  1. On the next window, navigate to Settings.
zoom settings
  1. Go to Waiting Room under the Security tab.
zoom waiting room settings
  1. Here, enable Waiting Room and click Customize Waiting Room.
customize zoom waiting room ambient noise with right music
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Here, you can choose what participants in the waiting room will see until you admit them into the meeting.
zoom meetings waiting options
  1. Click Video from the options present and upload the video you want to be displayed.
upload video for waiting room
  1. The video will be added alongside any music and will be displayed to participants. You can also toggle the waiting room on or off through Security > Waiting room.
enable waiting room

4 Best Settings To Play Music On Zoom

To have the best music-playing experience with Zoom, make sure to enable Stereo, disable automatic volume adjustment, enable original sound, and adjust background noise suppression. This lets you and others on the call enjoy music in the audio quality possible on Zoom.

Zoom has a bunch of basic and advanced settings, all tailored towards enhancing your audio experience while using their platform. While simply sharing the audio can affect its quality and make the sound distorted, use the following settings to tweak and optimize your audio output: 

1. Enable Stereo Audio

By default, Zoom compresses audio streamed over the meeting to mono channels. This helps them save on server resources, though they allow users to switch to stereo audio. 

It is to be noted here that stereo sound over Zoom takes up a lot of RAM, so make sure that you do not have unnecessary windows running in the background, as that may considerably slow your system. When you are sharing your screen, you can easily toggle between mono and stereo audio:

When sharing your screen, locate the controls panel on either the top or bottom of the screen.

zoom meeting toolbar
  1. Click More and select Stereo (High-Fidelity) from the sound mode options in the drop-down that appears. 
sound mode stereo

Your audio will switch to stereo sound and will be of proportionately better quality to listeners.

2. Disable Automatic Volume Adjustment

While the automatic volume adjustment feature on Zoom is remarkable in ensuring error-free audio interaction between participants in a meeting, it is not suited for playing music over Zoom. It works by dampening any audio that crosses a specific decibel threshold. In the case of music, it is important that all the instruments are audible for a superior experience.

So, I recommend disabling this feature if you wish to play music over Zoom. Here’s how you can disable automatic volume adjustment.

  1. Open the Zoom app on your desktop.
comupter zoom app screen
  1. Here, click your profile picture on the top-right of the screen and click Settings.
zoom settings on desktop
  1. In the pop-up window that appears, click Audio from the left sidebar menu and untick the Automatic Volume Adjustment checkbox. 
play audio settings on zoom

3. Enable Original Sound

Zoom utilizes an array of specialized features and audio editing systems to enhance the audio in a meeting, as well as suppress any background or redundant noises. This pre-curated setting preference gets disabled when you enable Original Sound. 

It is important to enable the original sound as Zoom’s various audio enhancement processes may distort the quality and tone of the music. Here’s how you can toggle the original sound in a Zoom meeting:

  1. Open the Zoom app on your desktop.
original computer sound setup on zoom
  1. Click your profile picture on the top-right of the screen and navigate to Settings.
desktop zoom settings
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Here, select Audio from the left sidebar menu and tick Show in-meeting option to enable “Original Sound.” Now, you will be able to toggle the original sound on and off in a Zoom meeting.
settings for full quality music
  1. Log in to the meeting you wish to broadcast audio to.
zoom call screen on computer
  1. On the top-left of the meeting screen, You will see a toggle labeled Original Sound. You can use this toggle to turn the feature on and off as required.
music player audio options with down arrow toggle

4. Adjust Background Noise suppression

Background noise suppression dampens any redundant or otherwise unintended sounds that may be present in your (or a participant’s) background. It is a useful feature when you have a meeting full of multiple participants who are talking. Sounds like the creaking of chairs, typing sounds, et cetera, get muted out. 

Although, when you are streaming sound over Zoom, it may distort the audio, which may degrade the music quality. Here’s how to turn off background noise suppression for your Zoom meetings:

  1. Open the Zoom app on your desktop.
computer sound settings for playing online music track on zoom
  1. Click your profile picture on the top-right of the screen and navigate to Settings.
zoom music player settings
  1. Navigate to audio on the left sidebar. Here, You will see the Suppress background noise menu. Select low to allow the most original sound to be transmitted to your peers in the meeting.
low suppression of background noises microphone picks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to share music on Zoom meetings through my phone? 

As of the latest version, it is not possible for hosts or participants in a Zoom meeting to share audio through their phones. Android does not support this feature yet, on either the desktop app or through the browser. To share audio with or without music, you can do so through the desktop version on Windows or Mac.

What is the highest quality of audio transmission that Zoom supports?

Zoom’s original sound feature allows you to tweak the audio transmission levels to a very high degree. For this, you need to toggle on high-fidelity mode, echo cancellation, stereo audio, and set the audio suppression to the lowest degree in the Original Sound settings.

This gives you 48Khz, 96Kbps mono/192kbps stereo for a truly advanced audio transmission quality. To best experience this, good quality headphones are recommended.

How do I change audio levels for the audio I am broadcasting without sharing my screen?

When you broadcast audio from your system, all the participants are receiving it the same quality and loudness levels. Changing your system’s audio levels only changes the audio loudness for your specific system and not those of the other participants. 
To change the audio levels of all participants, you have to adjust the audio levels from the source.

For example, if you are broadcasting audio from YouTube into a meeting, navigate to the footer of the video. Here, adjust the volume as necessary from the volume slider.

Alternatively, if you are streaming music off of Spotify into the meeting, go to your desktop client or browser window and adjust the volume from the volume slider on the bottom right of the window. These changes will reflect for all participants in the zoom meeting.

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