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Stuck with PS4 Controller Blinking Blue Here’s How to Fix it

Turned on your gaming console only to be stuck with your PS4 controller blinking blue? This can be super frustrating and even concerning. Could it be an indication of software or hardware issues? And what can you do about it?

The blinking of blue light basically means that the controller is trying to pair with the console and the light normally turns off once the console is powered on. However, if it keeps blinking, this indicates that the controller cannot connect to the console.

After trying and testing different methods, I have come up with a list of the best and easy-to-follow solutions for PS4 controller flashing blue light. So, if you don’t know what’s causing this issue or how to troubleshoot it, read the post till the end.

Why is My PS4 Controller Blinking Blue Light?- 4 Potential Reasons

Your PS4 controller is blinking blue light because it is unable to connect with your console for some reason. This could be due to compatibility issues, outdated software, hardware problems, power supply issues, etc. Addressing these issues generally fixes the continuous flashing light on the PS4 controller.

If your PS4 controller continuously blinks blue light, it can be due to several underlying problems. Here are a few common issues that might be causing your PS4 controller to blink blue light continuously:

1. Compatibility Issues

Most of the time, when your PS4 controller keeps blinking blue light, it’s an indication that your controller isn’t compatible with the device you are trying to pair it with.

2. Outdated Software

Devices with outdated software are usually prone to many bugs and glitches. So, if you haven’t updated your PS4 in a while, it can be a reason why the controller is malfunctioning and is unable to connect to the console.

3. Hardware Problems

If the hard drive or other console components are loosely attached, your PS4 controller will struggle to connect with the console. As a result, your controller may keep flashing blue light continuously.

4. Power Supply Problem

Damaged or improperly attached power cables can also cause problems pairing the controller with the console. So, if you find yourself stuck with a PS4 controller flashing blue continuously, this might be the issue.

How to Fix a PS4 Blinking Blue Light?- 7 Effective Ways

To fix a PS4 blinking blue light, make sure to turn on the Bluetooth mode. You can also try restarting or resetting the controller, updating its software, and fixing its power cable and other hardware issues. As a last resort, you may need to factory reset your console.

Now that you know the potential root causes of the PS4 blinking blue light issue, let’s look at some troubleshooting methods to resolve this problem:

1. Turn on Bluetooth Sharing Mode

If you can’t pair your PS4 controller with the console, its Bluetooth sharing mode is probably turned off. To turn it on, hold the PlayStation and Sharing buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. This will allow your controller to connect to any compatible device nearby.

bluetooth pairing on PS4 to connect with bluetooth devices to fix ps4 controller blinking blue
Image by Peakpx

If the Bluetooth sharing mode is already on, but your controller is still blinking blue light, move on to the next solution.

2. Restart the Controller

Sometimes restarting the controller is all you need because it can resolve most of the minor glitches and bugs in the controller’s software. Here are the steps to properly restart your PS4 controller:

  1. Before turning off the controller, make sure it is charged. In case it’s low on battery, charge it for at least 30 to 45 minutes before turning it off.
  2. To turn the controller off, press the PlayStation power button between the analog sticks for 10 seconds.
restart PS4 controller to get it working properly
Image by Peakpx
  1. Once the controller is turned off, hold the PlayStation button again for a few seconds until it lights up to turn it on again.

3. Update Software

If the previous two methods don’t work, check for any pending updates. Though PS4 automatically downloads updates, you should still try to update your controller manually to be sure. Here’s how you can update the PS4 software:

  1. Go to Settings from the Home menu by navigating with your PS4 controller.
  2. Select System Software Update.
  3. Tap on Update Now.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and choose Next.
  5. Once the download is complete, the license agreement will appear on the screen.
  6. Accept the software update. 
  7. The software update will then start installing. (Your PS4 may restart during the update process)

4. Reset the Controller

If a pairing issue is causing the controller to blink blue light, resetting the controller might fix the problem. Here are the steps to reset the PS4 controller:

  1. Turn your PS4 controller upside down and locate the Reset button.
  2. Now, long press the reset button for a few seconds. (Your controller would then be reset) 
  3. Repair the controller by pressing the PS button and Share button simultaneously to reboot it in Bluetooth mode.
  4. Lastly, pair the PS4 controller with the console. 

5. Check the Power Cables of the Console 

Issues with the power cables of your console can also be the reason why your controller flashes blue. You might wonder how there can be a relationship between the power cables of the console and the controller. But surprisingly, there is. 

charging cable usb cable must be seated correctly

When your console doesn’t receive stable power, it can a connection issue with the controller. So, you must ensure that all the cables are properly inserted in the console and have no signs of physical damage. If you have damaged cables, replace them immediately.

6. Check the Hard Drive

Just like power cables, if the hard drive isn’t properly installed in the PS4 console, it can cause problems connecting with the controller. As a result, you might find yourself stuck with a PS4 controller flashing blue light continuously. This mostly occurs after replacing or upgrading the hard drive of the console.

To install the hard drive properly, you must follow these steps:

  1. Power off the PS4 console using the Power button and unplug the cable.
  2. Take off the hard drive cover from the side of the console.
  3. Loose hardware components are the most common hardware issue. So, make sure that all four screws holding the hard drive are screwed properly. If not, tighten the screws just enough to hold the hard drive in place.
  4. Snap the cover in its place and turn on your console.

This should do it, but if the problem persists, you might have to take drastic measures.

7. Safe Mode

If you have tried every solution mentioned above, but your controller is still flashing blue light non-stop, the last resort is to factory reset your console. Before resetting your console, you must ensure your data is backed up to the cloud. Once your data is backed up, you can then follow these steps to reset your console:

  1. Power off the PS4. After a few seconds, long press the power button to boot the PS4 in Safe Mode. (After entering the safe mode, the PS4 will make a beep sound)
  2. Attach a wired controller to the console and press the PS button to open the Menu.
  3. Based on the version of PS4 you’re using, you will see one of these options; Restore Default Settings or Rebuild Database. Select the one you see.
  4. The PS4 will take a little while to return to its default settings.

This should do, but if the controller flashes blue light still, you should seek professional help for it at Playstation support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blue Light of Death in PS4 controller?

The Blue Light of Death is a common issue that PS4 users face. In this error, the PS4 controller cannot connect with the console and constantly blinks blue light, indicating that the controller isn’t paired. It usually occurs due to software issues or improperly attached power cables or hard drives. 

How do I know I need a new controller for my PS4?

On average, a PS4 controller lasts around 5 years. However, if you’re a heavy gamer, you may need to buy a new controller once the buttons stop working smoothly.

What are the different blinking lights on the PS4 controller?

PS4 controller usually blinks with different colored lights, and each color indicates a specific function. 

1. Blue or White lights indicate that the controller is low on battery or has failed to connect with the console.
2. The red light indicates that the controller is unable to charge due to a defective USB port or ribbon cable.
3. The orange light indicates that the controller is plugged in and is charging.
4. The green light indicates that the controller isn’t plugged in properly at the charging station.

How much does it cost to fix the blinking blue light on PS4?

If you troubleshoot the blinking blue light error on the PS4 controller yourself, it would cost you nothing. However, if you get this issue fixed professionally, it would cost you around $169.95 – $200, depending on the issue.

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