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A Quick Guide on How to Change Age on TikTok

It’s a common TikTok mistake- you’re eager to get started on the app, so you sign up and enter your date of birth without double-checking it. Then, a few weeks later, you realize that you accidentally put down the wrong birth date, and you’re now officially “too old” for TikTok. Or, even worse, you mess up your birth date, and TikTok says you’re not old enough to use the app!

If this has happened to you, don’t worry! Read this post and find out how to change age on TikTok.

Is it Possible to Change Your Age on TikTok?

Yes, it is possible to change age on TikTok. However, there’s no direct way of doing that. So, you have to reach out to the TikTok support team and make a request to change your age on your TikTok profile.

Like most other social media platforms, TikTok used to allow its users to change the date of birth associated with their Account. However, it is no longer possible to change your age on TikTok on your own. But there is still a way!

All you have to do is contact the TikTok support team and make a request to change the date of birth on your profile. But you’ll have to follow a proper process to submit this request. To do that, you should check out the next section below.

2 Easy Ways to Change Age on TikTok

The 2 easy ways to change age on TikTok is to simply contact its Support Team through the app or email. This is because you can’t change your age on your TikTok profile by yourself, even if you are an older user. So, you’ll need to make a request to the official TikTok support team.

The TikTok app has easy options and simple steps to connect you with its support team. Moreover, you can also contact them through email. To use these options, let’s look into following section to easily make a request for the birthdate change on your TikTok profile using the 2 simple ways.

1. How to Change Age on TikTok Through the App

Changing your age through the TikTok app is the easiest way of doing so. Follow these steps to request TikTok support to change your age:

  1. Launch TikTok on your phone, and open your profile.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the three horizontal dots icon.
select hamburger icon
  1. Scroll down to the Support section, and select the Report a Problem option.
report a Problem
  1. Scroll down to the Topics section, and tap Account and profile.
account and profile
  1. Then, tap Editing profile.
editing profile
  1. Select Other from the expanded list.
  1. Tap Need more help.
how to change age on tiktok through need more help

Now, a text box will appear. Here, write to inform the TikTok team that the birthdate on your Account is incorrect. Then, provide your correct birthdate and be detailed in your request to increase the chances of acceptance.

  1. Tap Report once you are done typing your request message.
  1. Wait for the TikTok Team to get back to you via email.

2. How to Change Age on TikTok Via Email

If you have already tried to reach out to the support team through the TikTok app but haven’t heard from them, you might want to try emailing them. Here are the official email addresses that you can use to connect with the TikTok support team:


There is no guarantee that your email will get a response soon. This is why it is best to connect with in-app support option. However, trying out the email will make sure that you tried to reach them in all possible ways.

Apart from that, one thing is common in both methods. You have to provide valid reasons (or even official proofs) to change your age on the TikTok profile. Otherwise, you won’t get a response from the TikTok support team at all.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Request Age Change on TikTok

When you request age change on TikTok, be prepared to show relevant IDs. TikTok requires certain official documents or IDs to confirm your age, as it has a strict set of restrictions for the safety of its young users.

Tiktok has age restrictions for its users. For one, you have to be at least 13 years old to use the app. Apart from that, at the age of 16, TikTok will make your account private by default. So, if you are below the age of 16, it can be difficult to have your age changed- based on the TikTok current age restriction policies.

Another thing is that when you request TikTok to change the birthdate, they may ask you to upload any government-issued ID to confirm your age. So, if you are 16 or below, it may be difficult for you to procure any such document.

In that case, you could try and request the TikTok team if you can upload your school ID or any other document confirming your age instead. The chances of this working out are thin, but it’s worth a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Lie About Your Age on TikTok?

If you lie about your age on TikTok, your account may be suspended or even banned. So if you’re not sure about your age, we recommend double-checking it before you make the change.

Why Does TikTok Want My Birthday in 2023?

TikTok has experienced a lot of controversies since its emergence, all of which are mainly rooted in the type of content that goes viral on the app. Viral videos impacting minors in a wrong way or encouraging them to partake in dangerous trends are some of the issues with TikTok’s content.
This is why TikTok is now focusing on making its platform safe for people of all ages. To do so, TikTok may ask for your birthdate to show age-appropriate content on your feed.

Can You Have TikTok if You Are Under 13?

Yes, it is possible to still use TikTok if you are a young user (under the age of 13 years). However, TikTok puts such users in TikTok for Younger Users category, where the viewing experience is restricted with strict privacy and safety standards, unlike adult users. This is to ensure that you only watch content that is appropriate for your age.

TikTok Denied My Age Change Request– What Should I Do?

If TikTok has refused to change your age, there is nothing much you can do about it. You may have to use your Account as it is, or you can deactivate your current Account and create a new TikTok account with your actual birthday. The good thing is that TikTok doesn’t ask for any age verification documents at the time of signing up.

How to change age on TikTok?

To change age on TikTok, you need to contact its Support Team via the app or email (,, or
On the TikTok app, navigate to your TikTok profile > tap the three horizontal dots icon > Report a problem > Accounts and profile > Editing profile > Other > Need more help > write your request > tap Submit.

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