Ethics Policy

Let’s Fix That Tech enforces a strict ethics policy for staff and contributors that if violated results in severe consequences and immediate termination of the contract for the offender. The ethics policy prevents external forces from influencing the website’s content and keeps articles unbiased and accurate.

There are many possible situations that exceed the boundaries of Let’s Fix That Tech’s ethics policy. Detailed below are just a few of these situations. If you ever feel an action would breach the ethics policy, immediately contact the executive editor and the site founder Ojash Yadav.

Gifts and Bribe

Any member of the Let’s Fix That Tech staff, including administration, writers, and contributors, is prohibited from accepting any sort of gift, bribe, or monetary compensation from external companies. Let’s Fix That Tech writers must immediately return it to its source.

Online Payola, Advertising

Let’s Fix That Tech stands completely against online “payola.” If any member of the Let’s Fix That Tech team is caught accepting any sort of gift, bribe, or form of monetary compensation in order to push coverage of a certain company or product, it will result in immediate termination of the contract.

All content at is completely advertising-independent; there is a strict separation between all forms of advertising and editorial activities. If any member of the team is approached for advertising, the contact must immediately be redirected to our third-party advertising team.

Review Hardware

At times it might become necessary for an Let’s Fix That Tech writer to accept a press sample for a news story. However, all samples must be cleared by the executive staff before acceptance. In addition, the product must be returned within three months.

Writers are prohibited from accepting any unsolicited or unapproved hardware samples.

Linksharing, submarining, search engine optimization, viral marketing

Any Let’s Fix That Tech employee found participating in these activities, even if not under the Let’s Fix That Tech banner, will result in immediate dismissal.


Let’s Fix That Tech uses several bots to check for similar uses of its material across the internet to look for copyright infringement. Work plagiarized by an Let’s Fix That Tech writer would also show up in these trawls. Any plagiarism infractions will result in immediate, public termination.

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