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A Quick Guide to Discord Sounds Change Settings

Connecting with friends on Discord is fun, but it can get annoying when you hear the same notification bell every time. In fact, it becomes more distracting when you are part of multiple servers and gets nonstop notifications every minute.

So, can you change Discord notification sounds? The short answer is YES, and it can save you from hearing the same notification bell again and again. Here’s your quick guide to Discord sounds change settings.

2 Quick Ways to Change Discord Sounds for Notifications

To change the sounds in Discord, open the app and navigate to Notifications in the User Settings, and set sounds for various alerts in the Discord app. You can also add your custom sound files to the Discord cache folder. Or use the Discord mobile app to use the sound files of your mobile phone.

The same Discord notification sound for all servers and other activities can be confusing. To avoid that, you can use a different sound for each type of notification in the Discord app. Here’s an easy and quick way to change discord notifications on PC and mobile:

1. Discord Sounds Change on the PC

Discord users can change the notification sounds on a PC by editing them through configuration files. Follow these steps to change discord notification sounds settings on your PC:

  1. Download the sound files you want to use as your new notification tone.
  2. Press Windows + R on the keyboard.
  3. Type AppData and click OK.
type appdata click ok
  1. Open the folder Roaming.
opening roaming
  1. Go to Discord and open the cache folder.
opening cache
  1. Sound files will contain f_prefix and no extension.
sound files with no extension
  1. Add a .mp3 or .wav extension to the file.
replace the sound with the custom made sound
  1. Replace the Discord sound file with the custom-made sound that you created, and rename it to match the Discord sound source file.
adding sound file
  1. Copy the sound and rewrite it to /Appdata/Roaming/Discord/Cache.
rewriting the sound

2. Discord Sounds Change on the Phone

Changing discord notifications on mobile or android devices is much easier than on PC. Follow these steps to change discord notification sound settings on your Phone:

  1. Launch the official Discord app, and tap on Profile to open the User Settings menu.
open user settings
  1. Under App Settings, tap on Notifications.
opening notifications
  1. Tap on Get notifications outside of Discord.
selecting get notifications out of discord
  1. Tap Allow notifications and go to categories.
allowing notifications
  1. Select the Discord sounds you want to change.
selecting sounds
  1. Select the custom sound you want to apply from the alert tones list.
selecting custom sounds

How to Change Discord Sounds with BetterDiscord

To change Discord sounds with BetterDiscord, install BetterDiscord, launch it, click Settings, select Plugins, and download the Notification Plugin. Now, drag this plugin to the plugin folder, navigate to the Discord plugin folder and turn on the notification sound option.

Changing Discord notification sounds on a PC might seem difficult by replacing the notification sound. This problem can be solved by downloading Better Discord, a client-friendly mode to change the appearance and functioning of the Discord app. To customize the discord application, you can add several plugins in the Better Discord.

Follow these simple steps to change the discord notification sound with Better Discord:

  1. Install the Better Discord app on your PC.
downloading better discord
  1. Launch Better Discord and click Settings.
clicking on settings
  1. Select Plugins.
selecting plugin
  1. Download the Notification Plugin from the website.
downloading notification plugin
  1. Once the plugin is downloaded, drag it to the plugin folder.
  2. Go to the Discord plugin folder and turn on the notification sound option.  
turning the notification sound option on

Is it Safe to Use BetterDiscord?

Yes, it is safe to use BetterDiscord if you use the official installer. It helps add functionality and adaptability to Discord and offers different themes, plugins, and tools to customize the Discord interface. You can also get third-party themes and extensions for Discord.

Reddit users who used BetterDiscord for customizing the Discord app reported several bugs and token logger installation issues. The reason for that was the unverified 3rd party plugins and themes. This created a mess for their Discord account and stole their data.

So, you should download and use BetterDiscord only from the official website. Also, always get the themes or plugins from verified 3rd party sources.

How to Reset Discord Sounds Settings?

To reset Discord sounds settings, launch the Discord app, tap the Profile icon > Notifications and select Get notifications out of Discord. Now, select Incoming calls > Ringtone > Default.

The feature of resetting the discord sounds settings is available inside the channels. However, you can’t find it for general notifications. If you want to set the notification sound settings in Discord to default, go outside discord in your phone’s settings to reset them.

For every feature on discord, you have to set the notification sound to default one by one. Here are some simple steps to set default sound settings for incoming calls:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the down-right corner to open the settings menu.
opening notification settings 1
  1. Tap Notifications.
opening notifications 2
  1. Select Get notifications out of Discord.
selecting get notifications out of discord 2
  1. You will see the menu with all features in discord.
selecting features for notification change 1
  1. Select Incoming calls from the list.
selecting incoming calls 1
  1. Tap Ringtone.
  2. Select Default.
selecting custom sounds 2

Once you are done with changing incoming call notifications to default, you can proceed to the next options, like direct messages. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to set all notifications to default other than the phone’s settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize sounds using the Discord web?

Yes, you can customize sounds using the Discord web by downloading the sound files manually and replacing the source files in the discord configuration on your computer. Otherwise, you can use the BetterDiscord application to customize sounds and themes on the web. It is safe to use and allows you to use discord as you want.

How to add files to the Discord mobile app?

You can add files to Discord mobile by launching the app and tapping on an icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a folded right corner. Tap the arrow located next to the file you want to upload. Scroll down for the file you are looking for, and tap on the add to Discord app.

How can I turn on/off Discord notification sounds?

Launch the app and tap on the profile icon to turn discord notification sounds on or off. Under app settings, find notifications options and open it. You will see a switch in front of getting notifications within Discord. Turn the switch off to stop receiving notifications. You can turn it on anytime to get the notifications.

How to change Discord sounds for notifications?

To change Discord sounds for notifications, you need to:

1. Open the Discord app.
2. Go to User Settings by clicking on the settings gear icon in the bottom left corner.
3. Navigate to the Notifications tab.
4. Under the Sounds section, set the desired sounds for different alerts in the Discord app.
5. To add custom sound files, navigate to the Discord Cache folder and add the sound files there.
6. Alternatively, use the Discord mobile app to use sound files from your mobile phone.

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